Spotify for Android gets new Car View mode for safer driving


Spotify has added a new mode called Car View to its Android app, which is intended to make it easier to enjoy your favorite tunes while you're driving. Android Police reported that the feature was undergoing internal testing in July 2018, but an updated version has only just begun rolling out to users' phones.

The new mode features a simplified interface with fewer options and larger buttons that are easier to tap, so you'll be less likely to become distracted from the road ahead.

Car View only appears to be rolling out to a few users for the time being. If you're one of them, the setting will be activated automatically the next time you connect to your car's Bluetooth interface.

Trial and error

The fact that Car View appears to be activated by default might ruffle some users' feathers. When the mode first debuted last year, Spotify's official forums rapidly filled with complaints about the new interface, which gives users less control over their songs.

If the new mode appears next time you buckle up for a journey, you should be able to disable it via the app's settings. The toggle to activate Car View has been there for a while, but now it should actually work.

Cat Ellis

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