Sony's new flagship OLED will start at £3,000, but is the AF9 being lost too soon?

Image Credit: Sony (Image credit: Sony)
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The TV market is no stranger to quick turnarounds, with newly released models quickly replaced by their tweaked successors the following year. The incoming Sony AG9 OLED, though, will be launching a mere eight months after last year's AF9 OLED hit shelves.

The new model features the same OLED panel and X1 Ultimate processor as the AF9, which we awarded five stars in our 2018 review. The main difference will be in the set design, ditching last year's curiously tilted screen for a more traditional stand support, and implementing a redesign to the set's bass drivers and in-screen speakers. 

But even a small re-skin may be enough to keep momentum on the Master Series range going.

The AG9 will retail for £2,999 / £3,999 for the 55 and 65-inch models, matching the starting prices for the AF9. Both land in May, though the 77-inch version will ship the following month.

The elephant in the room is the AF9, which was by all accounts a fantastic TV. After several months on sale, it's currently retailing for only £2,199, though is about to be replaced by the newer model.

If you're after a high-performing OLED, you may only have a few weeks to get the AF9 at its reduced price – although those put off by its design quirks will have the AG9 or AG8 to choose from come next month.

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