Sony Xperia X2 and X2 Compact could land at IFA 2017

If you’re not sold on the Sony Xperia XZ Premium or the rest of Sony’s current crop of handsets you could soon have two additional options, as a couple of other models have recently been rumored.

First up there’s a Sony phone bearing the model number G8441, which has been spotted by Xperia Blog on a user-agent profile (a file which describes the capabilities of a handset).

According to the file it has an ARM chipset, runs Android O and uses Bluetooth 5.0, but there’s a question mark over the screen, as while the ‘screen size’ is listed as 1080 x 1920, the ‘rendering screen size’ is said to be 720 x 1280.

The Sony G8441 has also been listed by Polish retailer, which allows you to pre-order it for 2,749.99 Zloty (around $735/£570/AU$970) in black, blue, silver or pink.

A higher-end model

And that’s not the only unannounced Sony phone the site is listing. It also has the Sony G8341, available in a similar selection of colors for 3,206.99 Zloty (around $860/£665/AU$1,130).

That phone had previously popped up in a user-agent profile spotted by GSMArena, sporting a 1080p screen and Android O.

Assuming this is all accurate, it’s likely that the Sony G8341 will be a fairly high-end device, though one that probably sits below the Xperia XZ Premium, so perhaps it could be the Sony Xperia X2.

The Sony G8441 meanwhile looks slightly lower-end, but is still set to be pricey, so it could potentially be an Xperia X2 Compact or similar.

Given that both phones are already being listed by a retailer we’d expect to see them soon, and IFA 2017 in early September would be the obvious venue, as Sony tends to launch new phones at that show.

Though both are supposedly ready to ship in two weeks, so we may see them even sooner than that. Either way, it looks like Sony's line-up is about to get a boost.

Via PocketNow

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