Sony charters three jumbo jets to get more PS5 stock to UK retailers before Christmas

Sony PS5 console standing up
(Image credit: Sony)

We have good news for UK players still on the hunt for an elusive PS5Sony is flying in extra stock to help fulfill wishlists this Christmas.

According to The Sun (thanks, GamesRadar+), Sony is reportedly now air-lifting extra PS5 units into UK stores ahead of the holidays. The newspaper said  Sony has chartered three Boeing 747 planes from South Korea to London and loaded each one with around 50 pallets of PS5 consoles.

The report adds that it took twelve articulated lorries to ferry the PS5s from the airport’s cargo hub to distribution centers around the UK, as each truck can "only" carry four three-meter-wide pallets – which means 50 pallets is a lot of hardware and should, hopefully, get more PS5s in circulation and stop scalpers profiteering on auction sites.

A Sony source reportedly told The Sun: "A phenomenal operation has been underway to stock UK shelves of PS5s for Christmas. Sony just wants to keep fans happy after a slew of issues with its new kit, and this is an unprecedented air-lift.

"The 747 plane is rare after being decommissioned by British Airways but carries a vast amount of cargo as a freighter aircraft. Each plane can bring in 100 tonnes of equipment on almost 50 pallets. It means millions of gamers will now be smiling this Christmas."

Analysis: Do I really need to buy a PS5 yet?

In our PS5 review, we said: "The PS5 is a powerful and well-designed console that offers a compelling next-gen gaming experience. Its library of exclusive games continues to be a showcase for the PS5’s marvelous DualSense controller, spatial 3D audio tech, and super-fast SSD, and it’s the reason why so many gamers will covet Sony’s new PlayStation console. It might be too big for some setups, though, and a couple of issues hold it back from being a five-star product. However, it's a welcome upgrade over the PS4 and an exciting portal to next-gen gameplay."

As for whether or not it's right for you? Well, as we summarize in our review of Sony's next-gen hardware, if you plan on buying a next-generation game console in the next few months, you want a taste of next-gen without losing your PS4 games, and you're tired of loading screens and are ready for higher frame rates then yes, you probably should pull the trigger and pick one up as soon as you're able to. 

However, if you're looking for a great Dolby Atmos and Vision Blu-ray player, you want to play loads of genuine PS5 games, or your entertainment center is already a wee bit cramped, then our advice is that it's probably okay to hold off just a little while longer.

While the new stock will undoubtedly be snapped up quickly, it could mean that Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday will give consumers a chance to buy Sony's next-gen console. We'll be rounding up all the best deals and discounts, so stay tuned to TechRadar so you don't miss out.