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Windows 10 launch: Live Blog!

Windows 10

This is it, chaps: the biggest day(s) of the year for Microsoft and its fans. Windows 10 is now live. We have heard announcements from not only Redmond campus and also from the firm's constellation of partners, as the new operating system rolls out through Microsoft's free upgrade program.

We expect to receive announcements regarding the new desktop, laptop and tablet hardware that will be prepared to run Windows 10 out of the box. Plus, Microsoft is holding Windows 10 fan events all over the world at its flagship retail stores to ring in the new software right, and we'll be there.

Until then, and before the updates start rolling in, we have some key articles that you should give a good read to get yourself both informed and hyped for the future of Windows.

Our hub on all things Windows 10 is a good place to start. And if you're looking for something with a little more insight into how the whole thing works – and how well it works – be sure to read our ongoing Windows 10 review.

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Once you're done with those, come on back – there's sure to be some juicy Windows 10 news by then. Note that the updates are done in reverse chronology.

13:51PM GMT+1: In news that has sent shockwaves around the world, it's been discovered that Solitaire on Windows 10 is has gone free-to-play. That's right: you may have got Windows 10 for an upgrade, but you'll have to shell out $1.49 a month (or $10 a year) to get the classic card game's advanced features and get rid of adverts. Oh, Microsoft.

10:10PM EST: In 24 hours, Windows 10 was downloaded over 14 million times. Microsoft said it is humbled by the response and asks for user's patience during this early rollout stages. If you need additional support, you can visit Microsoft's Answer Desk as well as retail partners like Best Buy, Bic Camera, Croma, Currys/PC World, Elkjøp, Jarrir, Incredible Connection, Media Markt, Staples, Wal-Mart, Yamada, Yodobashi and others.

16:25 GMT+1 The cheapest Windows 10-capable desktop PC costs just under £95 which is actually less than the cost of Windows 10 on its own. So you essentially get a free PC when buying the OS (well almost). Our latest survey - which looks at Windows 10 features - can be found here. UK readers can participate and get a chance to win a HP desktop PC.

11:50 GMT+1 Microsoft has pushed more than 40 Windows 10 ISO files on MSDN including IoT Core for MinnowBoard MAX and Raspberry Pi 2. The latter is a relatively tiny 517MB. There's also a Windows 10 Features on Demand which offers additional feature options available through Windows Update. This download allows organisations to pre-configure Windows 10 installation software prior to deployment.

10:20 GMT+1 While everybody's attention is on Windows 10, Microsoft has been ramping up its effort on the first big update that will hit the operating system later this year. Threshold 2 or TH2 is already in 10509 and has been updated yesterday.

9:40 GMT+1: For enterprise and business users looking to move to Windows 10, HP has introduced a set of tools to allow them to evaluate Microsoft's latest OS in a controlled environment (i.e. without causing havoc to the rest of the IT infrastructure). The four component of this suite are Test Drive Services, Transformation Services, Roadmap Service, Web App Acceleration Service for IE11.

9:40PM EST: AMD released new Catalyst drivers that support Windows 10. If your system uses AMD graphics, you can download the new drivers for better compatibility.

9:00PM EST: Windows 10 for IoT has been released to manufacturers. Supported versions include the x86 Minnowboard Max and the ARM Raspberry Pi II. Other versions are still coming. It's still unclear when Internet of Things devices with embedded Windows 10 will start appearing in the marketplace.