Google Chrome 'races' to bridge the gap between mobile devices

Google racing game
Google racing game demoed

Android and Chrome OS aren't coming together just yet, but the Google IO conference proved that the gap between Google-powered mobile devices and hardware with Google Chrome has been unified.

"It's something tremendously exciting," said Linus Upson, vice president of of engineering for Google Chrome about where mobile web is headed.

"We want this elegant UI framework that works across all form factors, all devices."

Proving that vision is already getting started, Upson invited some volunteers to play a game called "Racer: A Chrome Experience."

Google Chrome slot car game demo

The slot-car racing game had primitive overheard graphics, but it was running across five different devices using Google Computer Engine.

Web sockets kept all five of the devices in sync and web audio sound transitions kept the sound effects transitions on point.

So, even though the track was broken up across multiple tablets and smartphones, the racing game action was fluid and seamless.

The most amazing part was that this included an Apple iOS device thanks to a volunteer manning an iPhone as part of the racing game.

Unified Google platform in the works

"It's still early and not ready for consumption by regular developers," cautioned Upson at the Google IO conference.

However, he urged interested developers in the audience to participate in the "Web components and action session" at Google IO on Thursday.

Matt Swider