The iOS 8 lock screen is a portal to location-based apps

Apple's iOS 8 to offer location-based access to apps from lock screen
Apple didn't tell us about this on Monday...

Apple detailed many of the new features for the forthcoming iOS 8 update at WWDC on June 2, but here's one neat little tool the firm left out of its keynote address.

Judging by the iOS 8 beta, now in the hands of the Apple's army of app developers, users will be able to access relevant applications from the lock screen, depending on their geographical location.

According to those testing the software, apps like the Apple Store and Starbucks are appearing in the bottom left corner when users enter the vicinity of a store, allowing them to open with a simple upward swipe.

Other users tell MacRumors they've seen apps for train stations and even icons for apps they haven't yet installed appear. Swiping on those will take users to the location's App Store page.

Easier purchasing

The function appears to be designed to make it easier to access applications that allow them to make purchases or access information on their surroundings, but many other potential uses spring to mind.

Those who utilise the Passbook feature for digital store cards will notice location-based notifications will pop up on the lock screen when in the vicinity so this feature appears to be a useful, non-intrusive extension of that.

Current iOS 7 users also are able to make use of the quick access feature to open the device's camera.

  • What do you know? Our review of iOS 8 has been updated.
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