Even if Yahoo app is fake, it still looks smarter than Siri, Google Now

Yahoo personal assistant app
Could editing texts be easy with Yahoo in the future?

Update: The amateurish video backs up our theory that this Yahoo-themed personal assistant app might not be the real deal and even the Y! logo is incorrect.

The app is in fact being developed by a start-up, Robin Labs, according to TechCrunch and wasn't being made by Yahoo itself.

That doesn't change the fact that the crudely pieced together app demo puts forth likable features that Google Now and Siri can't do at the moment.

Original article...

Yahoo is reportedly working on a new personal assistant app, and it may be more advanced than both Siri and Google Now.

The alleged Yahoo-themed voice-controlled app appears in a leaked video, as discovered by Android Police, in which a man driving a car uses the app for navigation and messaging.

The unofficial, crude video illustrates that this app uses predictive information like Google Now, with a female voice asking, "heading to the Office, right?" when the car turns on.

The computerized assistant also reports, "Attention: traffic delayed by 17 minutes" along and updated estimated time of arrival and text that reads, "Traffic: Heavy."

Another feature Siri, Google Now can't do

One of the most impressive moments in this short video occurs when the unidentified demoer asks the alleged Yahoo app to send a text message regarding his lateness.

Siri, Google Now can't edit texts

Siri, Google Now can't edit texts through voice commands

He initially asks the app to send a message saying, "Running late will be there in 30 minutes," but then changes his mind, saying, "Change 30 minutes to 40 minutes."

If this app really does boasts hands-free editing, it'll be something we haven't been able to get Siri or Google Now to do for us just yet.

SkyPhrase connection?

This may be why the Marissa Mayer-run company bought SkyPhrase earlier this month.

Android Police reports that this app demo is "evidence" that Yahoo is using the natural language processing startup's expertise to develop the voice-controlled personal assistant app.

We contacted Yahoo to see if the leaked video depicts a real product or not and if there's any connection to SkyPhrase. We will update this story if we hear back.

Matt Swider