Vevo iOS app adds mini-player, will scan your iTunes for recommendations

Katy Perry
Vevo for iOS app, now with more Katy Perry

Vevo is out with a sizable update to its iOS app, one that should have users streaming up a storm.

Version 3.0, landing in the US, Australia, UK and other regions, is brighter and more vivacious than previous versions. Vevo even stripped the old typography and icons from the application, making for a more refined experience on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The menu button is now in a more accessible locale, and a new real-time Feed and souped-up Browse section are designed to making discovering new videos a breeze. Search is also seeing a refresh come its way, and users will likely appreciate the more relevant artist and video recommendations Vevo plans to surface.

Keeping on the video-viewing roll, Vevo has birthed a new mini-player to "keep videos in heavy rotation." Swiping down a video lets users continue using the app while floating more videos on the top. New "action buttons," visible throughout the app, will help users add videos to their playlists, share and jump into other functions as well.

Vevo miniplayer

Play on mini-player

Eyes on iTunes

One of the application's neater new functions is iTunes scanning. Vevo will peak at your iTunes music library and make video suggestions based on what it finds.

Playlists are also getting a little love as now users can watch them in shuffle mode, duplicate and copy Vevo's custom playlists to their accounts.

Finally, users in the US and Canada will find a new and improved Vevo TV experience; it's been broken down into three channels called HITS, FLOW and NASHVILLE (a.k.a. pop, rap/R&B and country). Swiping will wipe the channel and bring you to a new one.

Users outside those countries are stuck with Vevo TV's international channel offering.

  • Sounds like this app would look mighty fine on the iPad Air.
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