SwiftKey 3 update adds new themes, languages and fixes

SwiftKey 3
Type with ease on your Android

SwiftyKey, the No. 1 paid app on Google Play, is rolling out an update to SwiftKey 3 Wednesday as part of the company's efforts to celebrate the season and turn the London-based developer into a global brand.

SwiftKey 3 is a downloadable keyboard for Android devices that not only autocorrects, but predicts what you're going to type based on how and what you've typed before.

"It's the fastest, smartest to type in your phone and tablet," said Ben Medlock, SwiftyKey's co-founder and chief technology officer.

With the 3.0.1 update, SwiftKey hopes to become even better and includes both cosmetic and structural changes aimed at giving users the optimal typing experience.

First and foremost, to mark the summer season, Sky and Fuschia-colored themes are joining SwiftKey 3's pigmentations.

And though it already boasts 42 languages, Urdu and Malay are being added to the language options, bringing that list to an impressive 44 native tongues.

Here's a video of SwiftKey 3's in action:

Talk-to-type among new and improved features

With the update, the app will not only add more languages and themes, but also fix a host of issues.

Anyone using an Android device with either Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean software will be able to utilize Google voice typing for dictation.

No matter what browser you use, it appears SwiftKey has worked out some of the remaining kinks in all of them.

Both Google Chrome and Firefox have had their repeating text problems addressed, and the cursor in Chrome has also been fixed.

Google Now and Jelly Bean browsers can now make use of predictions, and so can the Dolphin HD and HTC Notes app.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has also received some performance-related improvements, and should now work much better with SwiftKey 3.

The latest version of SwiftKey 3 can be downloaded on the Google Play store, the Amazon app store, and AndroidPIT for smartphones and tablets.