Pocket app gets better at organizing, discovering content with latest update

A new and improved Pocket to pocket your stuff

Pocket held a press event in San Francisco today where founder Nathan Weiner focused on unveiling an updated version of the popular bookmarking tool for the mobile platform.

Freshly dubbed Pocket 5.0, the app holds two big changes to help streamline custom content for users. First up was Highlights.

The tool essentially organizes content it sees as the best and most relevant to you based on the items already in your Pocketed list. Your list includes sites you frequent the most, tags you've created and authors you follow.

New color-coded badges mark your Pocketed sites to help differentiate entries - those hundreds of items are now better organized into categories based on impact (Best Of), popularity (Trending) and length (Long Reads and Short Reads).

Joining Highlights was a new developer tool called Pocket Preferences. The tool lets third party apps integrate the topics, sites and authors you save most, then allows you to connect them to other apps via your Pocket account. Bookmarking on mobile devices is ostensibly much easier and quicker, plus content is now better curated to your interests.

For iOS and Android, plus more?

The app update also includes better side bar navigation, making it easier for you to access your List, Highlights, Tags, Favorites and Archive and quickly filter your content, much like the Facebook app.

The update hits iPhones and iPads today and will be available on Android devices November 20. The company is also working to move the app to other platforms "soon."