Nokia says it is working to bring Sky Go to Windows Phone beyond Italy

Nokia working to bring Sky Go to Windows Phone beyond Italy
Nokia Lumia users in Italy getting 'world exclusive' Sky Go

As word leaked out that Sky Go was launching exclusively on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices in Italy, not a lot was said about a potential launch on the platform in the UK.

Now Nokia has moved to officially confirm that the on-demand app from Sky Italia will be rolling out by mid-December, the mobile manufacturer has revealed it's in talks with other Sky teams to broaden its reach.

"We are working closely with the Sky team in several other countries to ensure the app will be available to Lumia consumers around the world," the company wrote in a statement to the media.

While that can't be taken to mean Brits will see a Sky Go app turn up imminently on their Lumia devices, as BSkyB is a different company to Sky Italia, but it does mean that it's something Nokia is pushing for.

Where there's a will...

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Sky revealed appeared somewhat less optimistic, claiming it would take more Sky customers to switch to Windows Phone before it'll consider building an app for the platform.

The representative said: "We will continue to monitor the marketplace and should we see an uptake by our customers of Windows phones [we] will explore support"

BSkyB will, on the other hand, have the benefit of seeing how well the Sky Italia app performs when making its judgement.

Just this week Sky Go arrived on Android tablets for the first time, a good 18 months after it first launched on selected Android smartphones. Don't hold your breath Windows Phone fans.

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