FreshTeam app brings unity to mobile teams, solves the 'Where Are You?' problem

FreshTeam anti-messaging app for iPhone

As the working world inches its way into this millennium, we're seeing a greater number of teams work remotely. These highly mobile crews, oftentimes distributed all across the globe, are no doubt impactful, but struggle to keep tabs on who happens to be where.

FreshTeam is a new app that aims to solve that quandary, billing itself as the "anti-messaging app." Teams (or families) that embrace it are able to opt-in to sharing, whereby they're able to see at a glance where someone is, if they're in transit, if they're busy/available, and even if their phone's battery is about to exhaust itself.

FreshTeam anti-messaging app for iPhone

The app aims to cut out the trite "where are you?!" messages and calls that eat up precious time, and it also includes a built-in voice and video chat system that can handle up to 100 participants.

The app is free of charge on both iOS and Android, though a $9.99 in-app purchase throws in unlimited group capping and allows you to "set FreshTeam Places for your office, customer sites, and more."

The ideas presented here are certainly sound, but it faces a pretty big obstacle: how do you persuade a team to embrace an entirely new tool? Changing habits and workflows is daunting enough as an individual, but it's an entirely different beast when you're trying to change the way an entire team operates.

Darren Murph
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