BBM delivered to Wi-Fi iPads and iPod touch

BBM's quest for cross-platform awesomeness stretches to Wi-Fi iPads
BlackBerry Messenger has been a popular addition to the App Store and Google Play

The roll-out of BlackBerry Messenger across platforms and devices has resumed, with an update for the iOS app adding support for Apple iPads with Wi-Fi and the iPod touch.

Since its launch last month, BBM has been restricted to iPhone and Android users, but now users of Apple's other iOS devices can join the super fun instant messaging party.

Layout on the iPad has remained the same and there's no unique tablet-optimised user interface. Basically it's just an upscaled version of the app.

Meanwhile there's also a tweak for the Android version which promises to ease the drain on battery life, while BBM PINs and PIN barcodes can now be shared to social networks.

Going great guns

Following a stumbling start, the roll-out of BBM for Android and iOS is proving to be rare ray of sunshine for struggling BlackBerry.

Just last week we learned it had already been downloaded 20 million times by Android users, who're spending an average of 40 minutes per week (and rising) texting away.

In early September there were rumblings that a launch for Windows Phone 8 devices may also be in the pipeline as the Canadians seek to become the dominant messaging platform on mobile devices

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