Should I buy a Canon SELPHY CP1200 Photo Printer?

The bottom line: This Canon SELPHY Photo Printer is a great gift idea. This handy little printer uses Dye Sublimation Technology to produce instant prints from your phone. With wireless connectivity, an SD card slot and a USB port, you've got plenty of options for transferring your images from phone or camera to this compact-sized printer, while editing tools enable you get your images looking just the way you want. Users have praised the image quality in reviews, but bear in mind that this isn’t a high-end photo printer, and unless you're rocking one of the latest flagships, your phone camera has its limitations, so don't expect gallery-quality prints. The required battery and ink cartridges are readily available online at major retailers, although you may baulk at the cost of buying these items separately.

Pros: Quick printing, offers a number of editing features

Cons: Battery and ink cartridge not included

Canon SELPHY CP1200 Photo Printer: everything you need to know

The SELPHY CP1200's Dye Sublimation Technology is designed to ensure that the depth and colour gradation of your pictures is as good as it can get, while there’s also the option to apply a range of colour adjustments if you’re after a specific effect. Featuring Auto Image Optimize with Scene and Face Detection, the printer can cleverly correct image imperfections and reduce unwanted background noise. 


You can send your images to the printer wirelessly via the Apple AirPrint or SELPHY apps, slot in your SD card or plug in your USB stick. The LED screen is just about large enough to view your pictures, so you can have a play around with them before you print. Prints are produced in just under a minute, and have a protective coating applied for durability. Canon claims the SELPHY CP1200 can print up to 54 photos if you’re about, although that's starting with a full ink cartridge and battery. 

This is a small and compact printer, and the biggest photo size it's capable of printing is A6. It can also print square photos (50 x 50mm), credit card-sized photos and ID photos – the latter aren't up to passport standard, but for most other purposes they'll suffice. 


With its compact design, the SELPHY CP1200 is small enough to fit into a large handbag, and won’t take up too much room in a rucksack. While it's designed to be portable, the stylish white or black finish means it won't look out of place on a desk.

In terms of portable printers, this is one that's packed full of handy features. If you like what you see, check out the best deals above. 

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