Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Golf edition wants to join you for a round

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Samsung has officially unveiled two new versions of its Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch including one that’s all about golf.

The imaginatively named Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Golf edition will be available in both 40mm and 44m size options with the larger model coming in black and the smaller model in pink gold. 

You’ll be getting the same round watch design look, we imagine the same internals with that touch bezel still in tow to help you navigate Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

Both will come with new rubber straps that look a lot like Apple’s sporty Nike Watch straps, offering a more breathable design and something better suited to spending time out on the course.

Its golfing skills come courtesy of an on-board Smart Caddie app, that offers information on 40,000 courses around the world. It also includes golf shot and distance measurement tracking to give you that extra hit of data.

This isn't the first time Samsung has adapted one of its smartwatches for use on the golf course, as it did a similar variant with the Galaxy Watch.

Add aluminium

In addition to the new Golf edition, Samsung has also announced Galaxy Watch Active 2 LTE Aluminium. 

It also comes in the same 44mm and 40mm size options and will be available in aqua black, cloud silver and pink gold. Its headline feature is the ability to use features like making calls and receive messages without being tethered to your phone.

In terms of pricing, the Golf edition comes in at 393,000 South Korean Won (around $325 / £250 / AU$500) for the bigger model and 359,700 (around $300 / £230 / AU$460) for the smaller one. The same pricing applies to the LTE edition models too.

The two new Watch Active 2 editions will launch in Korea first. Samsung has said that the Golf Edition will be sold in the US and the UK too, while the LTE Aluminium version will head to Europe and other Asian countries. Though no timeline for those launches were revealed. 

Via Korea Herald

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