Samsung Galaxy S21 pricing appears in the latest leaks

Samsung Galaxy S20 series
The Samsung Galaxy S20 series. (Image credit: Samsung)

The deluge of leaks we've been seeing around the Samsung Galaxy S21 shows no signs of stopping, and the latest rumor is around the pricing of the handsets – and it looks as though several of the S21 phones will get a price drop compared with their predecessors.

The pricing comes via 91mobiles and Ishan Agarwal, sources that can usually be trusted when it comes to rumored details of future phones. The standard Galaxy S21 is apparently launching for €849 and up, the 128GB S21 Plus for €1,049, the 256GB S21 Plus for €1,099, and the S21 Ultra for €1,399 and up.

We can put those into other currencies for you – the range is from $1,040 / £770 / AU$1,365 to $1,715 / £1,270 / AU$2,250 – but Samsung almost certainly won't use those conversions, so those prices will be off. If you're not buying in euros it's probably more helpful to tell you how they compare to last year.

The 5G version of the standard Galaxy S20 started at €999 for example, so that model could be in line for a price cut. The 128GB Galaxy S21 Plus also looks to be getting a €50 reduction from the launch price of the 5G Galaxy S20 Plus equivalent. Meanwhile, the rumored S21 Ultra price is higher than last year: €1,399 rather than €1,349 for the 5G Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus leak

(Image credit: Ishan Agarwal/91mobiles)

Of course with European taxes, different storage capacities, and 4G/5G to factor in, it's difficult to say for sure how the 2020 models match up with the 2021 models, but the pricing looks to be more or less the same across the board, with only €50 in it either way.

Previous pricing leaks quoting figures from India also give the impression that pricing is going to be along similar lines to last year. If there is going to be a significant cut on any of these models, it looks likely to be with the entry-level Galaxy S21.

Ishan Agarwal has also shared a newly leaked render of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, which we've embedded above. It fits with the other unofficial renders that we've seen so far from online tipsters, with the biggest design change from last year's phones around the rear camera array.

New Galaxy S21 rumors and leaks are dropping on an almost daily basis now, ahead of an expected launch on January 14, 2021. Most recently we've seen unconfirmed information revealed about the two zoom cameras that will be fitted to the back of the S21 Ultra.

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