Samsung Cloud shutdown delayed to give users more time to migrate

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Samsung has announced it has pushed back the deadlines for the closure of its cloud storage service, Samsung Cloud.

Previously, the service has allowed Samsung device owners to store data off-device, freeing up local storage for apps, music and other files. But the company is in the process of cutting back Samsung Cloud, withdrawing the ability to store anything but lightweight items, such as contacts, calendar items and notes.

However, to make sure users have ample time to migrate their files, Samsung has taken the decision to delay the shutdown until later in the year.

“To make sure we provide our customers with enough time to migrate or download their data, we have decided to postpone the final end of features date by an extra three months from the originally announced date,” Samsung explained, in an email to customers.

Samsung Cloud deadlines

As was originally the case, the pace of the Samsung Cloud shutdown will depend on the region in which users are located. The deadlines for Group 1, which includes the UK, US, Australia and many European countries, differ from the deadlines for Group 2, which covers much of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

According to the updated schedule, members of Group 1 will need to migrate their Samsung Cloud data to Microsoft OneDrive by July 31. Ahead of time, smartphone owners should receive a notification that prompts them to activate an automated migration process.

If this deadline is missed, Group 1 will have until September 30 to download their Samsung Cloud data to their device or computer manually. After this date has passed, all photos and files held in Samsung Cloud will be deleted outright and will no longer be recoverable.

Group 2 has been given a little more time to make the necessary arrangements. These users have until September 30 to shift their date to OneDrive and until November 29 to perform a manual download. From November 30, Samsung Cloud will no longer store the photos or files of any users, in any territory.

Anyone that holds a Premium Storage subscription can expect their plan to be cancelled on either August 1 (Group 1) or October 1 (Group 2) and a refund may be issued.

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