Vuzix video glasses now iPhone friendly

Vuzix adopts the sunglasses look
Vuzix adopts the sunglasses look

Vuzix, the video eyewear manufacturer, has added three new models to its range - the Wrap 230, 280 and 920.

Not only are the video shades now compatible with the iPhone, via and adaptor, they have been given a much more stylish sunglasses look.

This is sure to entice newbies to the product, who may have been put off before because of the Vuzix range looking like something Data from Star Trek: TNG would wear.

Speaking about the new range David Lock, Director of Operations at Vuzix, said: "Vuzix is a leader in video eyewear technology and with the new ultra stylish Wrap range we have taken the viewing experience to another level – It's the cinema in your pocket."

Wide ranging

The product range boasts a virtual viewing choice from 44-inches to 67-inches and if you choose the Wrap 280, you can now view things in widescreen.

Also, the glasses are 3D compatible and can link up to camcorders, portable DVD players, PCs and game consoles.

The Wrap 230 (£129.99), Wrap 280 Widescreen (£179.99), and the Wrap 920 (£249.99) are out now.

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