Six million of us tuning into digital radio

We listen to the radio more than ever - whether using a DAB digital radio, a digital TV, a mobile phone or over the internet

Radio is far from dead. Some 600,000 more people tuned into digital radio stations during the first three months of the year, a new report states, while overall radio listening figures are also up.

Six million of us are now listening to digital radio stations, be it by using a DAB digital radio, a digital TV, a mobile phone, or over the internet. Twelve per cent said they regularly tuned in, according to radio industry analyst firm Rajar.

Since 2003, the number of digital radio listeners has risen from 900,000. Overall radio listening figures have also risen, with 91 per cent of the UK population now listening to radio broadcasts, BBC News reported.

Mobile broadcasts

Tuning in to radio stations using a mobile phone is increasingly popular. The number of listeners over the age of 15 tuning into the radio using their mobile phones has risen by 27 per cent since 2006. Collectively we amass 136 million hours per week by listening online and via digital sets and digital TVs. Podcast downloads were also up to 2.7 million from 1.9 million.

Commercial radio stations currently have more listeners than ever before. Regular audiences of 32 million - an increase of over one million compared to the same period last year - tune in to commercial radio broadcasts.

BBC Radio 2 is still the UK's most listened to station. Its breakfast programme with Sir Terry Wogan remains the most popular morning show.