Misfit Flash is a better, cheaper sequel to the Shine

Misfit Flash
And it's coming in 'Lemon-lime zest', 'Funky Fuschia', and 'Minimalist Frost'

After the success of the Misfit Shine, Misfit is back to take a second swipe at the wearable market with a an improved, more affordable sequel.

The Misfit Flash doesn't look too dissimilar to the original device, but now comes with a soft-touch plastic design and an interface that's easier to use.

We say interface - anyone who's used the Shine will know that this consists of a set of lights that the user has to decipher so as to discover how bad they should feel about themselves.

But now you won't have to awkwardly tap on the device several times before the judgemental array of LEDs greet you. Instead, the entire front of the Flash is now a button. Hooray!

Saviour of the wearaverse?

A spokesperson told us that Misfit had heard complaints from users who were having trouble keeping the Shine contained within the wristband accessory, and has responded with a design that houses the central core more securely.

Other than that, it's still waterproof up to 30 meters and packs in sleep tracking features to boot. But the best news of all is the price.

The Misfit Flash is coming in at £50/$50, making it a fair bit cheaper than the original - and one of the most affordable wearables on the market right now. It'll be available from mid November.

Hugh Langley

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