HTC looking to dominate wearables with three devices

HTC working on two smartwatches and a wristband
HTC's getting in on the wearables game

HTC has not one, not two, but three wearable devices in the works according to an unnamed person with 'direct knowledge of the plans'.

One of the two smartwatches apparently in development is based on Qualcomm's Toq according to Bloomberg, which spoke to the anonymous source, and it could challenge the likes of the Galaxy Gear.

It will feature Qualcomm's low-power Mirasol display technology, a music player, Bluetooth connectivity and will apparently be previewed to carriers at MWC, though it's not likely to be shown in public.

Fighting fit

The second smartwatch is based around Google Now and will have an AMOLED screen, while a third wearable - a smart wristband - will have a thin touchscreen display, activity tracking features and a music player, so by the sounds of things it will be gunning for the Fitbit Force and the Nike FuelBand SE.

Don't get too excited about seeing these things as HTC has yet to decide whether any of them will go into final production according to the source.

HTC has previously confirmed that it plans to bring its first wearable out by Christmas, so with that in mind it seems likely that at least one of these will make it out the door.

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