Fitbit: 'We have a really productive relationship with Apple'

Fitbit: We have a really productive relationship with Apple
Fitbit's not ruling out Apple Health compatability

As well as releasing three brand new wearables in the form of the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit ChargeHR and Fitbit Surge, the company has dismissed rumours of a frosty relationship with Apple.

"Healthkit we welcome with open arms," Fitbit's VP and GM for EMEA sales Gareth Jones told TechRadar.

"We're committed to work across all platforms. We have a really productive relationship with them [Apple], and we'll look at how it comes to market and evaluate it from there."

The current lack of compatability with Apple Health, Jones said, also has nothing to do with next year's launch of the Apple Watch: "We can't wait for the Apple product to come in. It's a massive market and it brings attention to wearables."

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Given the Apple Watch will require daily charging, and that there are plenty of Android and Windows Phone users who won't pick up the device, Jones believes there's plenty of room for both companies to co-exist.

"Our goal is to have a stable of products for everyday usage. And we have the business knowledge of how to build a successful ecosystem. They're not 'me too' products."

That also goes for the likes of Jawbone, traditionally Fitbit's biggest competitor, which has just revealed a new activity tracker of its own.

Fitbit has indeed laid out a strong stable and the first of the three new products, the Fitbit Charge, will go on sale this month for £99.95, $129.95 (around AU$150). The ChargeHR and Fitbit Surge are slated for an early 2015 release.