Google Glass released to everyone on the Google Play store

Those wanting to don Google Glass and hashtag-explore the world through a digital lens previously had to jump through hoops to get one, but no more.

Google has finally - finally - begun selling the Google Glass Explorer Edition in white, black, grey, blue, or red to anyone who feels like dropping $1,500 (about £920, AU$1,600) in the Google Play store.

That's right, Google chose not to lower Glass's price to make it appeal to more consumers.

"Glass is smart eyewear that lets you live lighter, and stay in the here and now," the gadget's listing says. Maybe it means lightening your wallet?

Deal with it

The rumor that the next Google Glass will look more or less like a pair of normal glasses may help explain the lack of a price drop here.

Google may wait for the next edition to really push Glass to consumers.

In any case buying Glass through the Play store also gets you a free frame or shade to go with, so that's something at least.

Second revolution

Google already shook up smartwatches this year with Android Wear. Are smart glasses next?

Granted, Google's competition in facewear, from Lenovo's prototype to Epson's Moverio, is more sparse.

It's proven more difficult to convince people to wear something on their faces (no thanks to the prohibitive price and release, limitations to be sure). If anyone can do it it's probably Google, but it looks like they may be waiting for the next edition of Google Glass to really try.


Michael Rougeau

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