The next major version of Windows 10 just got a potential release date

It seems the rumor mill has a date for the release of the next major update to Windows 10, so if you want to mark next March in your diary, go right ahead – because that’s when we should see Redstone 2 (RS2) arrive.

Previously, we’ve heard that there will be two major updates coming in 2017, the first of which is RS2; speculation already pointed to it arriving in the spring.

While some thought later in the spring was more likely – perhaps April – the new date was uncovered by Twitter’s WalkingCat (the source of many Microsoft rumors), who spotted references in the current preview build of Windows 10 referring to RS2 as being version 1703 of the OS.

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That version number refers to the date of launch, or at least the intended date, namely 17/03, or March 2017. 

Windows Central spotted WalkingCat’s tweet, and has its own inside sources at Microsoft, who are also asserting that the operating system will launch in March. So it seems this date is a fairly solid bet.

Potential slippage

But of course, even if that’s what Microsoft firmly believes at this point, there’s never any guarantee when it comes to launch dates.

Twitter denizens are also arguing that it would seem odd for the update to be launched before Microsoft’s Build conference, but this year, the developer shindig actually kicked off on March 30 – so there’s no reason why it couldn’t be a last week in March affair for both the event and RS2 launch next year.

Regarding the second major update to Windows 10 for 2017, that’s apparently due in the summer, and we’d expect it late in the season, i.e. August, for sure. Because if RS2 arrives late March, that only gives Microsoft two months before June, so an early-ish summer launch has surely got to be out of the question.

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