Lenovo debuts its prototype smart glasses ... and it looks like Google Glass

Google Glass could have a new competitor (or copycat depending on your viewpoint) in the form of a Lenovo wearable.

Lenovo pulled the wraps off its latest prototype at an event intended to attract developers and hardware manufacturers to the new platform.

The only snag? The new device looks almost identical to the Explorer edition of the Google Glass released earlier this year.

The only discernible difference between Lenovo's device and Google Glass is that the battery has been moved from behind the user's ear to a pack that hangs near the neck. There aren't any further details on hardware but Lenovo has promised to announce more about the wearable in October, according to PC World.

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What resemblance? (credit: PC World)

Smart glasses, air purifiers, whatever

The smart glass prototype was just one of the many devices Lenovo had on show as part of a larger NBD platform. "NBD" translates to "New Bench" from Chinese and has recently driven Lenovo's mission to create products beyond PCs and smartphones.

The PC maker wants to use its new platform as a way to work with more hardware partners on an expanded line of products including smart glasses, wireless routers and air purifiers.

So far NBD has already caught the attention of a German electronics manufacturer to produce Luftmed, an affordable, smartphone-controlled air purifier. Lenovo also displayed a wireless router at the event it co-developed with other Chinese companies, one users can control remotely with a smartphone.

Products developed on the NBD Platform will be primarily sold in China first, but after the initial run there's a chance Lenovo will choose to bring its new devices to other territories - just as the company did with its formerly Asia-only tablets and smart TVs.

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