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Survey: Music chart won't be download-only

The survey found that one in five consumers now just buys music downloads rather than physical formats

Almost a third of consumers reckon that a download-only music chart will never happen, according to a new survey. The poll also found that 60 per cent of music buyers don't believe the UK will have a download-only national top 40 in five years time.

According to the research, eight out of ten people regularly download music from the internet. But the huge majority of them believe The UK Official Top 40 singles chart won't be dropping physical CD sales figures in the short to medium term.

CDs on the decline

However, of those questioned, one in five (22 per cent) no longer buy physical CDs, preferring instead to go online for tracks and albums.

"While downloading music from the internet is clearly on the up, old habits die hard and people still want to hear the UK's official Top 40 which combines both online and physical CD sales," said Neil Armstrong, product director at PlusNet, who commissioned the research.

"However, as the rise and rise of online music continues, one day it will provide the only real picture of the popular music in the UK today," he added.