LG looks to do a Google Glass with its own Glasstic specs

LG looks to do a Google Glasstic fantastic with its own specs
Google Glass has already kicked off a trend, and it's not even on the market yet

You've got to be pretty brave to get into the Google Glass game this early on but it looks like LG is one fearless warrior.

The Korean-based company filed a trademark on November 14 for a product named "Glasstic" which, once again, hints at LG working on its own hi-tech spectacles.

The device is filed in the categories of both "Mobile phones" and "Spectacles (optics)" which are pretty significant clues, we'd say.

Glassic move from LG, there

The device might not work quite like Google Glass though. An LG patent published earlier this year described a pair of glasses that will let you see the display of a device, such as a tablet, when you look away from it.

This could be the same "Glasstic" device we're reading about right now and could offer up something much more impressive than what Google is showing off right now.

Both Samsung and Microsoft are also believed to be in the lab chipping away at their own wearable hi-tech glasses.

Google Glass is expected to get a commercial release next year, but it might not be the only one fighting for some space on our faces.

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