Samsung reportedly has a call-making, standalone smartwatch simmering

Samsung is reportedly working on a new Tizen-quipped watchphone
Is Samsung thinking of bunging a SIM-card in one of these?

Samsung is planning to launch a standalone smartwatch that can make calls independently of a smartphone, according to a fresh report.

The company is said to be planning a summer launch for a Tizen-equipped watchphone to join its existing range of Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo wrist accessories.

Those devices are also capable of making phone calls, but only when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The Wall Street Journal reports Samsung's forthcoming launch will secede that need.

That would mean the watch would require a SIM card of its own and potentially a voice and data plan, suggesting it'd be a smartphone replacement rather than accompaniment.

Time for a real Watch Phone?

The Journal claims a June or July launch is on the cards, although given the company's recent form, it would seem more likely Samsung would wait until the IFA tech show in September.

Watchphones have been attempted before, of course, most notably with LG's 2009 effort, the somewhat unimaginatively-titled LG Watch Phone.

The neat-and-tidy watch enjoyed a brief buzz period, during which some observers predicted the beginning of the Dick Tracy tech era, before fading into obscurity having never enjoyed a widespread release.

With that in mind, and the merits of smartwatches still very much up for discussion, such a launch would certainly represent a surprise. Especially given the limited critical and commercial success enjoyed by Samsung's smatwatch efforts so far.

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