Apple iWatch could be the the most accurate motion tracker yet

Apple iWatch could be the most accurate pedometer yet
Time's a-ticking, Apple

Whatever else Apple is planning for its iWatch, one possible inclusion will be greater accuracy in motion tracking than current wrist pedometers.

The evidence comes from a discovered patent that was filed for in 2012. First off, the fact that it's for "Wrist Pedometer Step Detection" is by itself another strong hint that Apple is planning something wrist-based.

But it also reveals that Apple is looking at how to make a pedometer work more accurately when worn on the wrist by using smart algorithms.

Jog on

Hitting that accuracy with a wrist-based device is more difficult than traditional pedometers worn on belts, which don't have as many environmental considerations.

The solution to that problem, according to the patent spotted by Apple Insider, is for the device to follow and adapt to user movement patterns so that it can recognise when a step has been missed.

The technology could potentially be used for devices placed anywhere on the body, meaning that it's a feature we could one day see on the iPhone too.

It all sounds like good stuff, but until we actually see an iWatch officially surface, we'll just have to cross our fingers that Apple's pedometer invention will one day see the light of day.

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