Sony launches fistful of 'phones

Sony headphones
Five of the best new 'phones from Sony

Headphones are heading your way – that's the gist of an announcement from Sony today. Three headphones, two earphones, to be precise, all of which will be on sale in Japan from early November and filtering down to us Euro types before too long.

In descending order of price, we have the £64 MDR-XB700 headphones, which offer a conversation-stopping 3-28,000Hz frequency response.

Sarcasm aside, that's actually quite an impressive figure though science generally rates the average human as capable of picking up sound between 20-20,000Hz. With these, therefore, you have something in reserve should you munch on a stray morsel of Kryptonite lodged in your takeaway pizza. Impedance is rated at 24 Ohms, with an impressive sensitivity rating of 108dB.


The £45 MDR-XB500 has an almost as pet-friendly 4-24,000Hz frequency range with 104dB sensitivity and impedance of 40 Ohms, while the £24 MDR-XB300 has a frequency response of 5-22,000Hz, sensitivity of 100dB, and impedance of 24 Ohms. Prices are those suggested for the European market so you may want to round them up to include the 'British premium'.

The MDR-XB40EX earphones have a frequency response of 4-24,000Hz, a sensitivity of 105dB, and impedance of 16 Ohms, while the MDR-XB20EX has a frequency response of 5-23,000Hz, sensitivity of 103dB/mW, and impedance of 16 Ohms.

We'd say last but not least about the earphones, but as no price has been yet released for them, Sony seems to be suggesting that's not strictly true.