Plusnet internet prices are on the rise - check out your alternative broadband deal options

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Plusnet broadband customers are due to experience a price increase as the broadband provider has announced it will hike line rental and more. From December 3, charges will increase across a range of services, including call plans, for landline users. This may be the time to look elsewhere for the best broadband deals.

Line rental will make the jump to £19.99 from the current price of £18.99. For any new customers that get involved after that 3 December price hike date, this higher price will be the new standard charge for line rental.

Also being increased are Evening and Weekend call plans which jump to £5 per month from the current £4. Another pound jump can be seen on the Unlimited UK & Mobile/Anytime International call plan which will jump to £9 from £8.

Keep things cheap

Plusnet points out that additional services will get charged more. Since all call plans are additional services it will mean every single customer sees a price increase to call plans from that December 3 date. Despite the name, even the Line Rental Saver plan gets a jump in price to £209.88, up from £197.88. Although, in this case, if you've already paid for yours up front then you won't have to pay more.

That all said, it's worth noting that any customer on a Fixed Price Contract (usually as part of an introductory offer) will continue to pay the same amount for the remainder of their term. After that, of course, the price rise will take effect.

If all this is a bit hard to swallow then you may want to see what the competition is offering. We've got all the strongest broadband deals for you right here to find the perfect match for you. The Post Office has the best flat monthly price at the moment, although Vodafone is the place to be for cheap fibre.

This may actually save you money with ease as switching is simpler than ever. Read our how to switch broadband guide here to see how easy it can be. 

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