Plex VR app finally comes to Gear VR - but you’ll have to wait for its best feature

Plex has finally unshackled its VR experience from Google Daydream and opened up the service to Samsung Gear VR users. 

Plex VR was launched earlier this year, but the app was only available for those with a Google Daydream headset. Because of this, Plex got a little bit of heat from its users who wanted the VR experience but didn’t have the Google-branded goggles. This resorted in a number of one-star reviews for the service. 

In a new blog post, Plex jokingly nods to this, explaining that the app has finally been opened up. 

“A wise person once said ‘a single ecosystem does not an emerging technology establish’, the blog notes

"An even wiser person once said ‘three ecosystems oughta be enough for anyone'. The wisest of all once said ‘you should totally not be allowed to give a one-star rating because an app’s not available on a different platform!’ Well guess what? We appreciate a good aphorism and we couldn’t agree more.”

The Plex episode

The blog continues to say that the amount of new ecosystems for VR means that the technology looks like it’s here to stay, so we expect it will open the app up to even more headsets in the near future. 

Gear VR and Oculus users will have to wait for the app’s best feature, however. In a great move, Plex put some social features into the app which meant that up to four people could watch the same show at once, as well as voice chat functionality - offering up a group VR experience that is sorely missing from many a VR app. 

Unfortunately, these features aren’t ready yet but Plex promises that they will be added for Oculus and Gear VR users in the coming weeks. 

Marc Chacksfield

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