Polaroid PoGo printer gets some Android app love

Polaroid PoGo - now with added smartphone tech
Polaroid PoGo - now with added smartphone tech

Polaroid has shown off its latest PoGo printer at an event in London, which offers instant 3x4 snaps.

This is the latest iteration of the PoGo range and it seems that it has caught up with the times, as it now comes with smartphone functionality.

Polaroid has created an Android app to go alongside the PoGo which means you can beam your phone photos straight to the printer without having to mess around with wires.

The app can also skin your images with different frames. There are 79 different frames to choose from, which will appear on the print.

You can also pipe your images through with Bluetooth, but your friends will be more impressed if you do it through the app.

Polaroid pogo

The bonus is that this can all be done in less than a minute – 50 seconds to be precise.

The Polaroid PoGo has a UK release date of the 'end of the year' and will cost £100.

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