Oscar Wilde gets the 3D treatment

Oscar Wilde's much-loved children's story The Selfish Giant is set to get the 3D treatment next year.

The Irish Film Board is financing a new version of Wilde's much short story, which is set to be a mixture of live action, motion capture and animation.

Oscar wilde's 'the selfish giant' set to get 3d treatment

Oscar wilde's 'the selfish giant' set to get 3d treatment

The Selfish Giant 3D will be directed by Irish filmmaker and artist Catherine Owens.

Owens was most recently known for directing recent 3D movie, U23D and plans to start developing Wilde's children's yarn early in 2011.

A large visual 3D canvas

Owens' concept is to tell the story on a large visual canvas, working 3D directors of photography, post production and special effects people as well as well-known household name actors.

The director said of the new 3D project: "I'm delighted to have been awarded development funding from the Irish Film Board for this project, which I have nurtured for quite some time now, and intend to treat with great care during the development and production process.

"As a much-loved piece of work from one of Ireland's greatest writers, I will adapt the story appropriately for cinematic treatment, with the added addition of carefully crafted digital 3D production values to enhance the universal themes of the story.

"With significant experience in the 3D process, I am confident that given time to develop the story and screenplay The Selfish Giant will be a must-see cinema event for all those who love Oscar Wilde' s fiction, and will also open up his work to a whole new audience."

Owens hopes that bringing together the Irish literary giant's great work with the latest in 3D tech will keep Ireland at the centre of the latest developments in 3D cinema.

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Adam Hartley