Top 10 Digital SLRs

3. Canon EOS 400D(£528; 10.1Mp; 1600; 1/4000 - 30; 510g)

The EOS 400D is surely the perfect affordable SLR. The 350D was close, but this is bang on the money. It has all the specs and features to make for a sensible upgrade for the enthusiastic amateur. Simultaneously it delivers all the trademark quality more seasoned photographers know to expect from a brand like Canon. And all of this comes at a price that gives nothing away to its rivals. As a first digital SLR you simply won't find a better option.

2. Nikon D2X(£2,931; 12.4Mp; 800; 1/8000 - 30; 1070g)

The D2X is here largely as a placeholder for its replacement, the recently released D2Xs (look out for a review on in weeks to come). Either way, you're talking about Nikon's flagship SLR, and the company's standard-bearer in its age-old battle for supremacy against Canon. Placing the D2X second tells you that we still think Canon is holding sway. But the D2X is a great camera nonetheless, and we look forward to the D2Xs being even better.

1. Canon EOS 1D Mark III (£3,050; 10.1Mp; 3200; 1/8000 - 30; 1155g)

There's no real surprise to our number one choice - after all, we called it the best digital SLR on the market only recently. But it's worth adding that it's not even a close call. The Mark III is a big step forward from the already excellent Mark II. We mentioned above that we look forward to the improved Nikon D2Xs, but in reality it needs to be a huge improvement to even come close to the Mark III. You might have to think long and hard about spending three grand on a camera. But once you do, you're unlikely to spend even a moment regretting it.

Reviews originally published by: Digital Camera, PC Plus and Digital Camera Shopper (discontinued)