Canon sells 30 million SLR cameras

The ramping-up of sales the EOS series has enjoyed is no doubt in part due to the rapidly expanding DSLR market in general

Canon has announced that it has sold more than 30 million units of its EOS SLR camera line since the range was first launched twenty years ago.

One of the most interesting aspects of the figures released by Canon, is that while it took the company 10 years to reach the 10 million milestone, it only took another six to reach 20 million. And in the four short years since 2003, Canon has shifted a further ten million SLRs, with the majority of these being digital models.
The ramping-up of sales the EOS series has enjoyed is no doubt in part due to the rapidly expanding DSLR market in general.

While compact digital cameras and camera-phones are rapidly converging and competing against each other, the market for 'serious' DSLRs remains unhindered and has seen rapid growth. In recognition of this, UK photographic retailer Jessops recently announced that it is to focus more on DSLRs and less on the compact market.

Another factor no doubt helping EOS sales is that the Canon line-up is universally known within the photographic fraternity for providing exceptional value for money, with full-frame models like the 5D available for as little as £1,500. Within the DSLR market most users are fairly clued up and tend to know exactly what they want - Canon has a habit of delivering this to them.

Will things continue in this vein and, if so, how long before Canon's EOS series hits the 40 million mark? At present Canon and Nikon have the majority of the DSLR market sewn up, with other brands fighting for the left-overs.

As long as the market keeps growing at the same rate and as long as Canon can continue to deliver quality DSLRs at affordable prices then the answer is surely 'yes'. And that 40 million mark will probably happen around 2010, if not before.

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