You can now make a flashy Facebook profile pic with third-party video apps

Facebook wants third-party video apps to make your profile pic

The flagship image of any social media account - the profile pic - is everything.

Waiting for the most opportune lighting, camera angle, and hair day, however, can be a painstaking process, so why commit to a single static image when you can have an entire video adorn the top of your profile instead?

At least, this is the thinking for Facebook, which announced today that users can now turn to third-party video apps to create and upload a moving profile image as their profile pic.

Thanks to Facebook's new Profile Expression Kit for developers, users can chuck out the conventional selfie in favor of short, .GIF-like videos with a few taps of a button.

Profile vid suppliers

The new pic program is currently in beta, but a select number of partners like MSQRD, Boomerang, lollicam, and Vine are already showing off the next wave of profile photos on Facebook's official announcement page.

Integrating the Profile Expression Kit also allows developers to get a direct attribution on Facebook when users post a video profile through their app, giving them a shout-out alongside all those fresh likes and comments.

Facebook added motion to its profiles back in September, but the sheer amount of customization and content that other apps bring adds a whole new level of creativity to the News Feed.

That said, if the current state of Vine is anything to go off of, we can't help but brace for a litany of tired memes taking over our friends' faces during the course of the coming months.

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