Windows Phone finally gets Spotify app

Windows Phone finally gets Spotify app
Spotify subscribing Windows Phone users, rejoice!

Spotify is finally coming to Windows Phone 7.5 in the form of an app, as announced by Microsoft today.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that the app is now live in the Windows Phone App Market. There are a few nifty new additions to the Spotify app as well - it allows you to browse your friends' Spotify profiles (you can't do this on the iOS app, for example) and pin playlists to your homescreen as Live Tiles for superfast access.

The app seems pretty similar to its Android and iOS equivalents, bringing the ability to continue playing in the background as you use other apps on the handset.

Although the app itself is free, you'll need a premium Spotify account in order to take advantage of it, setting you back £9.99 a month.

Worth it?

For that, you get access to unlimited music streaming, as well as the ability to build playlists and cache songs so you can listen to them offline.

Compatible with both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), the app will no doubt be joyfully received by Windows Phone users who have been casting jealous glances at their Android, iOS, Symbian and Palm-using friends.

BlackBerry users, meanwhile, are still out in the cold with nary a Spotify app in sight.

Spotify for Windows Phone will be available in the App Market later today.

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