Wello just turned your iPhone into your personal doctor

Wello just turned your iPhone into your personal doctor
The Wello fits neatly into a smartphone case

Wello (by Azoi Inc) is a health tracker with a difference, or at least it has far more features than we've come to expect from the humble smartphone case.

It can track your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, ECG, blood oxygen level, respiration, heart rate variability and lung functions with supposedly medical grade accuracy.

You might be imagining it as some sort of expensive and unwieldy contraption, but in fact it's built into a mobile phone case, so it can be with you whenever your phone is and you simply place your fingers on the sensor areas to get a reading.

Diagnose on the move

It connects to a handset using Bluetooth, allowing it to sync data to an app, so you can see your stats wherever you are. It can also be linked up to Fitbit devices (with support for other brands apparently in the works), so you can see all your data in one place and it has a two month battery life.

Wello by Azoi Inc.

The Wello is compatible with the iPhone 5S, 5 and 4S, as well as all Android KitKat devices with Bluetooth LE (low-energy), though it doesn't look like the case will currently fit Android handsets, as you can only order iPhone versions for now.

Speaking of orders, it's up for pre-order now for £120 / $199 (around AU$220) and will be shipping to the UK and Europe in the summer with the US following this autumn, pending FDA approval.

Whether it's any good we cannot say, but on paper it certainly sounds it and makes Samsung's Galaxy S5 heart rate monitor seem somewhat underwhelming in comparison.

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