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Vodafone to launch BlackBerry Storm 2 this week

RIM's latest release - there's another Storm brewing
RIM's latest release - there's another Storm brewing

Vodafone will be stocking the new BlackBerry Storm 2 from RIM later this week, with a fairly modest contract too, according to reports.

The Guardian is stating the new phone will attempt to improve consumer's perception of a touchscreen BlackBerry, after the first Storm didn't go down too well, with the likes of Stephen Fry blasting it on Twitter.

The Storm 2 brings the same SurePress technology as before, but has 18GB of storage in the box (16GB memory card, 2GB inbuilt) and will run the latest BlackBerry OS, as well as packing more ROM and Flash support.

Welcome back Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has also been restored to the range with the new release, as well as a Bing search application in the box too. The physical buttons at the bottom have also been integrated into the screen, being touch sensitive rather than clickable.

The Storm 2 will need to be competitively priced if it is to rival the likes of the iPhone or the Palm Pre (launching on 16 October in the UK) with both being offered north of the £30 per month price point.

We're still waiting for the official announcement from Vodafone, which we assume will be coming later this week, so stay tuned Storm-fans.

Via The Guardian