Vodafone Australia celebrates comeback success, passes a million 4G users

Vodafone Australia 4G
Success! Finally a network Vodafone need not be ashamed of...

After years of customers leaving in droves, Vodafone Australia is finally seeing a turn around, announcing that it has passed a landmark one million active 4G devices just eight months since launching its 4G network.

Vodafone began building its LTE network mid-2012, which launched in June 2013, making it the last major Australian telco to launch a 4G network. It has also upgraded much of its 3G network.

But the journey to this point hasn't been easy, with the telco shedding hundreds of thousands of customers from 2010 due to a number of network issues - a reputation Vodafone is hoping to finally shake off.

"We know we're not perfect… The objective that we have, given our history, is to earn back the trust of our customers," out going CEO Bill Morrow said late last year.

According to the telco, 30,000 new and existing customers have been switching to a Vodafone 4G devices every week on average since the launch of the network

Voda fails no more

According to the telco, another driving factor of Vodafone's customer uptake has been it's competitive pricing.

"We are able to offer our customers both a great network and great value for money, which is why we think we've added more than one million devices to our 4G network in such a short space of time," said Kim Clarke, Vodafone's Chief Marketing Officer.

A few months after Vodafone launched its 4G network, it introduced its Roam Like Home Red plans, which offer 1.5GB of data, as well as unlimited calls and SMS to standard Australian numbers.

The Roam Like Home plans also take on global roaming quite aggressively, with a $5 cap per day for roaming in the US, NZ, UK, certain Asian countries and most of Europe to use your phone plan as if you were in Australia.