Upgrading Android on your Samsung GALAXY Note II

Click on the tab that says 'Back up/Restore' and you can choose what aspects of your phone you want to back up. If you are unsure what's important then just choose 'Select all items' at the top to choose to back up everything. Now click on the 'Back up' button.

This will launch a 'data back up' window which shows you the progress of your back up and once it's finished will say 'Back up complete'. Click on the 'Complete' button and we are ready to upgrade the phone.

We can now go back to the main 'Basic info' tab on Kies where under the heading 'Firmware information' you should see an orange 'Firmware upgrade' button. Press that and a warning will pop up telling you to charge up and back up your phone, which we've already done, but also not to attach any other devices to your PC/Mac while you are upgrading the Note II and not to disconnect the phone during the process. Click the checkbox to say you've read all the information and you can click 'Start upgrade'.

The upgrade process (depending on your internet connection) should take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes (usually at the faster end of that scale). As it's advisable not to use the phone or your computer while this is going on, it's best to just leave both phone and computer to their own devices while they complete the firmware upgrade. You can follow the progress of the upgrade in the 'Firmware upgrade' pop ups which appear on the computer screen.

Once complete you will see a final pop up describing what version of Android you have and the name of your phone. Click 'OK' and once your phone reboots you are done.

You can check which version of Android your phone is now running by going to 'Settings' on your phone, clicking 'About phone' and seeing what it says under 'Android version.