Uber and Foursquare collab takes the guesswork out of finding your ride

Uber driver

Finding your Uber driver will be less of a headache soon. Foursquare and Uber have partnered to integrate updated points of interest (POI) data on both services.

For Uber riders, this new partnership means your driver will know exactly where you are. No more jaywalking across the street to get to your ride. It also means you'll be able to request a ride by looking up a venue instead of providing an address.

Foursquare already integrates with Uber, allowing users to request a ride directly within the Foursquare app. This new deal won't add new features to Foursquare, but will help to improve the accuracy of Foursquare's POI data.

As a nice perk, Uber for Business will now be the exclusive ridesharing service for Foursquare employees too.

Beyond helping drivers and passengers find each other, the updated POI data will also make Uber's other businesses, like uberEATS and uberRUSH better.

"For example, if you're a driver picking up food for delivery, you might naturally go to the front of the business but the order might be waiting for you at the back door. By customizing Foursquare's POI data, it will be easier for Uber drivers to identify the right pickup and dropoff locations in many different situations," says Uber.

Uber currently uses Google Maps for POI data and TomTom to power the navigation feature within its app.

Lewis Leong
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