Turns out the Sony Xperia X will be cheaper than we thought

Xperia X

Last week pre-orders for the Xperia X went live on Amazon with a surprisingly high price of £499.99. But if you were dismayed by that cost, we've got (semi-) good news: Sony has put its own pre-orders live and confirmed the phone won't cost as much as that.

In the UK you can now pre-order the Xperia X for £459, which while cheaper than originally thought isn't as low as some might have been hoping for.

The Xperia X features a 5-inch Full HD display, 'traditional' Sony design (so it's a little boxier, but well-made), 13MP front-facing selfie camera and 23MP rear-facing camera.

The right price?

The Xperia XA is also up for pre-order in the UK with a more affordable price of £239.That's almost half the price of the Xperia X and features a 5-inch 720p curved display, 13MP rear-facing camera and 8MP selfie shooter.

Sony discounted the Xperia Z5 series of phones before the new range of X devices even hit the market. Originally the Xperia Z5 went up for pre-order at £599 (about US$912, AU$1218) but before it was even released Sony made a huge cut bringing it down to £429 (about US$653, AU$829).

Sony may see fit to do that again for the Xperia X range if pre-orders don't take off. There's also no pricing or a release date for the US or Australia yet.

Sony has also put pre-order prices up for the Xperia X Performance - a higher spec phone joining the devices line - in a number of European countries, but there's still no word on the phone coming to the UK. It'll cost €699 (about £554, US$803, AU$1072) and features an even higher-end spec than the Xperia X.

We've asked Sony for a reason why you won't be able to buy the Xperia X Performance in the UK and we'll let you know when we get an answer.

If you pre-order the Xperia X you'll receive your phone from May 23 while the Xperia XA will come from June 20.

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