T-Mobile quietly hiked the price of its Unlimited data plan

T-Mobile John Legere

Just in case you missed it in the excitement of T-Mobile announcing its new video streaming feature, Binge On, the Uncarrier is also increasing the price of its unlimited data plan.

Binge On, which gives you video streaming at 480p from supported services without counting it against your data allowance if you have a data plan of 3GB or more, was announced during T-Mobile's UncarrierX event Tuesday, along with new pricing and data allowances for its Simple Choice plans.

But it now looks like in among the new announcements, T-Mobile, which touts itself as being all about transparency, also increased the price of its unlimited data plan without really saying so during the event.

Currently, signing up for a single line on an unlimited plan will cost you up to $80 (before taxes or handset charges).

First caught by CNN's Money site, the new unlimited plan will now cost an extra $15, driving up the price to $95, though it looks like current unlimited data plan customers are exempt.

More data, at a cost

It's not all bad news for those wanting to sign up for an unlimited plan with T-Mobile, as you will now get 14GB of data to use for tethering, instead of the 7GB with the current plan. Anything beyond 14GB will be throttled.

Along with doubling data for its other plans, some of these lower tier data plans will also see a small price increase.

For example, a 3GB data plan that costs $60 will cost $65, but will give you 6GB of data starting November 15.

Current customers, however, will also get the data increase without seeing a price increase, although you'd have be signed up on a family plan with more than two lines that all have the same data plan.

If you're confused, we recommend talking to T-Mobile directly about what your plan includes and costs. We've also gotten in touch with T-Mobile ourselves and will be updating if we hear back.