Subscription-based Nokia Music+ now primed for US ears

Nokia Music+
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First announced three weeks ago, Nokia's subscription-based Music+ service has finally washed ashore in America, where it's ready to take on streaming music rivals for less than half the price.

On Tuesday, the Nokia Music app for Windows Phone began offering $3.99 per month subscriptions to Music+ for Nokia Lumia owners, just a week after the service launched across the pond in the U.K.

Nokia Music's Mix Radio already offers plenty of streaming music for free, but Music+ promises more ways to listen, all for less than the $9.99 per month charged by competing services like Spotify, Rhapsody or Rdio.

Although Nokia Music+ is exclusive to Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia handsets, subscribers can access the service from multiple devices or from any web browser on internet-connected PC or Mac computers.

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With a monthly subscription to Nokia Music+, Lumia owners can now skip Mix Radio tracks at any time with no limit, and mixes can play regardless of whether the device is on or offline.

Music+ tracks are also delivered at a higher quality than free users receive, making it perfect for unlimited streaming or download at home and on the go.

For users who like to sing along to their favorite tunes, Nokia Music+ even serves up lyrics for each track as part of the monthly subscription fee.

Nokia Lumia owners can purchase a subscription to Music+ by tapping the "Upgrade" button from within Settings, with a free seven-day trial period available for those who want to give it a spin first.