Sony Xperia Z zips thru FCC with T-Mobile LTE aboard

Sony Xperia Z at FCC
FCC filing confirms Xperia Z headed to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is likely too busy popping champagne corks over its merger with MetroPCS to notice, but Sony's latest Android handset appears headed its way in the near future.

Engadget reported today that the Android-powered Sony Xperia Z smartphone finally popped up on the Federal Communications Commission's radar, where it passed scrutiny with flying colors.

Unlike more secretive companies (ahem, Apple), Sony appears to have nothing to hide with its latest handset, currently only available in the U.S. unlocked and carrier-free from the likes of

Judging from FCC documents, that could soon change with the discovery of T-Mobile-friendly radios, despite no official word from the "Un-carrier."

Strutting its stuff

Xperia Z recently received a 4.5 rating (along with a "buy" recommendation) from TechRadar for its "cutting-edge camera" and "super-slim design," making it Sony's most highly anticipated smartphone in recent memory.

The handset variation the FCC approved this week includes AWS LTE on Band 4, pentaband HSPA+ as well as Wi-Fi calling, making it a perfect match for the newly expanded T-Mobile US.

Still not convinced? A startup guide included with the FCC approval shows both Sony and T-Mobile logos, making it a pretty sure bet that this particular Xperia Z flavor will soon find a home on the magenta network.

All that remains is for T-Mobile US to make things official - hopefully, with a price tag more attractive than the international model currently making the rounds.