Sony teases new Xperia smartphone with power button pic, says 'not long now'

Sure, that power button looks like the best phone ever

Sony has already been in the news this week with rumors that the Sony Xperia i1, a.k.a. Honami, might actually be called the Sony Xperia Z1.

Now today, just a few weeks before a possible Sept. 4 reveal at IFA in Berlin, Sony has released its own teaser image via Facebook of a power button on the edge of a device captioned, "It's the smartphone everyone's been talking about ... not long now #bestofSony."

There's no mention of what the device is but we're going to take a wild/not so farfetched guess and say it's the next Xperia.

'The best of Sony is about to get better'

The sharp of eye will notice that Sony continued to play coy and commented on its own photo with a link asking Facebook fans if they "Want to know more?"

The link just takes you to a Facebook app page with the same image and caption, but you can also sign up for updates and "be amongst the first to get the latest Xperia smartphone."

For a condensed recap of all the Sony Xperia i1/Honami/Z1 rumors, check out the video below. We'll keep you updated on when the next tease and rumor pops up.