Someone finally went and made a mobile phone for your cat

Cat tracker
Cat tracker

You know when you're sat in at night, missing your pet cat and all you want is for him to come back for a snuggle – now you can give your cat a phone so you can check when he'll be home.

Someone has finally gone and made that cat telephone you've been waiting for - it works in the form of a GPS tracker collar that also includes a microphone and a speaker so you, talk to it.

The tracker weighs 25g and can be clipped onto a cats collar. You just stick a SIM card in and you'll be able to track the cat from an app on your smartphone.

There's no maximum distance to track your cat from, and you can even look over logs of where your cat has been on his daily journeys.

You have to be kitten me

The device comes from French company Weenect that creates trackers with integrated apps to keep tabs on your kids – a modern version of those reigns people used to use on toddlers.

Phoning your cat is a pawsitively mental though – this is most likely to come in useful if you lose your cat and you want to hear the noises it's making or speak to someone who has found them.

If you want one right now you'll have to wait, as it's only at the pre-order stage right now for £60. You'll also need to buy a top-up for the SIM card that costs £20 for six months or £35 for 12 months.

If you pre-order by the 15 December you'll get it delivered in time for Christmas.

There's no word of a US or Australian release just yet. We recommend watching the ad below for the cat phone, if only because it includes the French spelling of meow.

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